Sri Sivaraju Subbamma

Sri Sivaraju Subbamma Sri Sivaraju Subbamma

Sri Sivaraju Subbamma stays in T Nagar, Rajahmundry, participated in sasanollanghana-udyamamu, and from 27-01-1932, she got rigorous imprisonment for 6 months. Sri Sangam Subba Lakshmibayamma, ex. minister, who also get rigorous imprisonment along with her, told that Sri Sivaraju Subbamma used to do conduct Satsang programmes in jail. In Sradhananda Ghat, along with Sri Duvvuri Subbamma, Sri Sivaraju Subbamma also fearlesssly critisised British Govertment and gave speeches against British Government. Sri Sivaraju Subbamma is caring, kind, unselfish, and simple. She daily wears only cotton sarees.

When Sri Sivaraju Subbamma goes to any marriages in her relatives or friends houses, in that function, there she used to read Bhagavatam and tells it's meaning. Then the people in function used give some money, which she donates to poor people.

Sri Sivaraju Subbamma born in 1873. Her father name is Sri Velicheru Karanam. She got married to Sri Lakshmi Narayana. Her elder son Doctor Venkata Ramarao, was also a freedom fighter and ex. municipal councellor and he worked as a secretory for National School for long time. Sri Sivaraju Subbamma's second son's name is Sri Surya Prakash Rao and daughter's name is Sri Turaga Ramalakshmamma. Sri Sivaraju Subbamma died in 1948.